Deshawn Hawthorne

New York , U.S.


known as Deshawn Da Prince, was originally a hip-hop freestyle dancer with styles such as waving, gliding, popping & tutting. He was enrolled into Devor Dance Center in Jamaica Queens, NY at the age of five and his first classes ever were Jazz, Ballet and African.

Five years later, he was introduced to Hip Hop with a group from the same dance center named Da F.I.R.M. He was the youngest dancer in the group but kept up with the other young adults in the group. Deshawn eventually joined a crew of boys who named themselves G.I.B (Go In Brother) who labeled him as a choreographer.

Deshawn has worked with artist such as: Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown, Jidenna, Keke Palmer, Lil Nas and more. Whether choreographing or back up dancing, he booked as much as possible. As Deshawn went on experiencing the choreography world, he then started submitting to shows such as Carnival NY, Sybarite Love is Love & WOD N.J. were he had presented his latest works. He also started artist developing and creative directing through the experience of doing such shows.

Right now Deshawn is a choreographer, dancer, dance coach & artist developer for the New York Hip-Hop company Royal Thieves which is a high energy dance crew. Deshawn is just getting started , his vision and goals are now clearer than ever .  So Athletic summer`20 here we go!!!


Just Berger 


Disco/ technique/ Feminine Style / Slow 

Just has made big impression as a dancer and as a teacher.  Multiple world champion titels with his team D.Q. DANCE-SQUAD have had the gold standing since 2014!?

Just educate dance teachers, design costumes for sport dancers. what we think you don’t know about Just is that he also train and choreographs for ballroom dance and artistic ballroom. He together with his partner Andy are always on tour and gives workshop around the world. Just is extraordinary and we love how he teach the value of technique. We are so proud to have Just in our team.



Andy Bartsch


Disco / feminine style 


Andy has the perfect eye for the winning details. Like a cat sneaks on his prey, Andy always know how to put that extra scratch in a choreography. He is  a amazing choreograph and coach. Alongside with Just he makes world champions in disco, design costume for sport dancers  and give workshops around the world. Andy used to compete and become 3x world champions in formation group. Now he put his competing a side to give it all as a choreograph and teaching.  We have a feeling that we only just have seen the beginning of Andy…. We are so tense and thrilled for his mystique.





Daniel Egholm 





Daniel is a well-established instructor who teaches and coaches in discodance at an elite level. Since his early ages, he’s been competing internationally in disco dance, and a lot of other genres. Daniel has been working professionally with disco dance for the past 6 years, and has by that become a more well known name. Over the years, Daniel has developed his very own aesthetics in disco dance, focusing on the individual dancer’s expression and movement. He trains a large number of students who have been awarded plenty of international IDO podium placements (Gold, silver and bronze) – for example the European Champion title his junior small group ETERNITY won. In addition to all above, he has participated in theater, a lot of dance performances and television. Now Daniel travels a lot and shares his passion and knowledge within the Disco dance world.

We are more than happy to have Daniel with us at AS and get the chance to dance his unique style




Danny Baker 


English freestyle/ Slow



Our own magic is back for AS 2020.

He turned professional at the age of 18 after many successful years competing, this lead to a full scholarship at The Urdang Academy which moved him to the Capital. The Academy London opened in 2012 alongside co-principal Kelly Snowdon-Westgate.Danny is extremely proud to have taught freestyle workshops around the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Russia & Belarus and hopes to continue doing what he loves for many years to come. 

The school has already taken many dancers from beginner to Premier champ, which have progressed to win many freestyle titles throughout the freestyle calendar, proudest achievements being 3 Disco Kid titles & 8 Slow dance Superstar titles over the last 5 years. Many dancers having had continued success after their freestyle journey at The Academy London gaining scholarships themselves at Sylvia Young’s, Performers & Urdang. Danny is extremely proud to have taught freestyle workshops around the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Russia & Belarus and hopes to continue doing what he loves for many years to come.

Danny does magic and we all got to see the stars he created. What Danny’s dancers can do makes us all lose our chin and admire. What you may not know about Danny is that he was the coach of multiple world champion Madeleine Enersen Hellerød . So when we look up at the stars we know that many of them is Danny´s.


Petra Ríhová







So how about we bring the world champions trainer!  Petra is one of the main teachers/choreographers at Beethoven DC in Chomotov, Czech Rep.  We love how Petra dares to mix and try what no one else wouldn’t, She has trained many World Champions and always take her students to the next level, this time she will do that for all of you! Side by side with Vitek they give you the best of the best.

You’re the best! Around! Nothing´s gonna ever keep you down.

Thank you so much for coming Petra!


Vitek Lukavec




Vitek has multiple world champion titles in all of the IDO Disco categories; Small group, Formation, duo and solo!

Vitek is teaching and coaches in disco dancers from the start to elite level. To take his experience to a higher level, vitek now studying at UK FTVS –  Faculty of Physical education and sport.

Vitek inspire us all with his dedication and focus. Like every super hero Vitek has the biggest heart.. he is our Teddy bear. He remind us all to take what you do seriously and don’t loose yourself in the process.  We are so happy to have Vitek with us for the fourth year and side by side with Petra dance their amazing style. We are so ready to be Ninjas.


Madeleine Enersen Hellerød 


Disco/ Freestyle/ Slow / Acro





Our champion is back

Madeleine Just returned from the recording of the Norwegian version of the television program the champions’ champions. Where she has competed in various sports against sports stars, who have all been champions in their sports, meet each other in different branches.

And of course she is a champion all right!

– 9 times World Champion

  • – 5 times European Champion
  • – 40 times Norwegian Champion

Medeleine started her dance career at the dance school “Nancy Freestyle” which today is “Danseklubben Studio 1”. She has been trained in a lot of different styles, such as freestyle, slow, disco, disco freestyle, show dance, jazz, modern and hip hop.

Madeleine has been competing for the national team of Norway for more than eight years

In Madde’s classes we sweat gold … and dance in gold rain




Jacob Walleberg



Jacob got his training and graduated from the Royal Ballet School in Stockholm. During the past 10 years in the entertainment business he has worked as a professional dancer, as well as having several parts in musical productions. He has been a dancer in the “OsloDanceEnsamble” for two years and been in several musicals such as “Top Hat”, “Billy Elliot”, “La Cage aux Folles” and “Fiddler on the roof”. Jacob has worked many national theatres like Oscarsteatern, Uppsala Stadsteater, GöteborgsOperan and Malmö Opera.

In addition, he has also been a part of shows at Wallmans in Copenhagen and “Ages of Rock” in Kristianstad. He has also done “Julius Ceasar” and in the spring he will be dancing in the opera Orfeus, at the Malmö Opera. 

The smiles,The creativity,The sharing,The achievements.  Thats just four of hundred why Jakob loves teaching. and it is only four  of hundred what we love about Jacob!


Hope Maimane






Cape Town choreographer, Hope has been working as a choreographer for the past 4 years. He dances in Modern, Jazz, Musical Theatre & Hip Hop. He has danced and given workshops in over 17 Countries in Europe, Africa, New Zealand and Asia. Hope has choreographed and danced in Music Videos, Musicals, Live Performances, Movies, TV commercials & recently he choreographed and danced for 2 iconic ContoPop artists while he was in Hong Kong. His choreography can be seen in many international competitions. He currently holds 6 Gold Medals and 4 Silver medals in international dance competitions. In 2016 his choreography won 1st Place in IDO Gala Event Best of the Best Competition in Graz, Austria. In 2017 his Choreography won 1st Place at the Dancestar Gala Competition in Croatia. He also got 1st & 2nd place at the 2017 Common Wealth International Gala Competition. In 2018 Hope was on a World Tour as a dancer in the Musical, Evita. He danced on places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and more. Hope has a big passion for training dancers in becoming Versatile and always looks to push dancers to bring out their own personal best. Hope is also the founded creater of The Academy.  A specialty School for dancers.

Hope is the dancer who gets even non-dancers to understand Martha Graham .. that dance is the hidden language of your soul. Dancing with Hope or just watching him dance is to hear the heart speak.


Angelina Olin 


Latin fusion / Jazz / Disco /technique/ Floor bar

Choreographer and licensed adjudicator.

Some years ago, She found, surprisingly, a new love. That love has grown very strong. This year she gonna share it with you. Latin fusion friends. We will dance Latin fusion Angelina got her training from many masters. Did her practice at Balett Academy in Gothenburg , Broadway Dance center , Sandra foster King San Diego, Birgitta Ringius Hyllenius Sweden, Sandra Flourney Friberg Sweden. She has over 20 years experience in the entertainment business and 12 years in the sport dance world. As a professional dancer and as a coach. During her time as a professional dancer she have done for example musicals like Hair, Cats, Sing for your supper , Shows, commercial / advertising Music videos, backup dancer/ singer.

Her dancers has been plenty awarded She has multiple World champions, Nordic Champions and Swedish champions in her dancing stable.

Angelinas word about teaching.

When I teach, I’m aware that the student is the brave one in the room, who doesn’t know what’s coming next and yet decides to commit to the experience. Being around younger people inspires me to be OK with being less in control—both in what I create and how I present myself as a dancer. My teachers were really hard on me, but it was tough love. They taught me that it’s not about being the “cool” teacher; it’s about being the teacher who teaches. The one who’s hands-on and pushes you to the ground to teach you to be off your center, then makes you figure out how to get back up. The teachers who flip out at the drop of a dime are the ones that actually made me a better dancer. They scared me a little, and that really lit a fire and pushed me to always be the best version of me I can.

I try to remain sympathetic to how hard dancelife also can be. Teaching is a practice of bonding with people – “It’s a huge conversation.