AB – Prices & deals

2 495 kr SEK
250 €
All inclusive.

The price includes following:
-Your hotel room (Friday- Sunday)
-Breakfast, lunch and dinner -buffet every day.
Starting: Dinner Friday.
Until: Breakfast Sunday
-Free access to the summer resort and water park every day.
-Free cafeteria ”Swedish Fika” every day.
-All dance classes and activities.

You register through the big ”BOOK” -button on our website, www.athleticsummer.com .
To secure your spot, please submit the registration fee within ten days after you have registered.
If we do not receive your payment within these days, you will loose your spot.
Once you have registered you will receive an e-mail with all details regarding the payment together with a ”welcome letter”.

Payment details for Swedish dancers:
Swish: 1231901792
Bankgiro: 637-4185
Obs! Markera med: Dansarens för- och efternamn samt födelsedatum.
Ex. Jenny Dancer, ÅÅMMDD


Payment details for non Swedish dancers:
Iban: SE43 6000 0000 0002 4431 7062
Note! Mark with: Dancers full name and date of birth.
Ex. Jenny Dancer, YYMMDD

Information for international banks:
Athletic Dance Blekinge AB
Kallingevägen 5
37230 Ronneby

Terms & Conditions
The registration is binding. There are no refunds, in exception of accidents which disable you from dancing. This refund would be 80% of the total registration fee. We are keeping 20% for administration. In order to do a refund we would need a medical certificate from your doctor.
There will be no refunds given after 27th of July.

We reserve the right to be able to cancel the camp in case of too few registrations

In case of sudden changes in the teacher lineup due to reasons out of our control. The classes will still be held with a suitable replacement.

Hotel Deal for dance moms and dance dads:
Single room: 795 SEK/ 80 Euro per night, including breakfast.
Double room: 995 SEK/ 100 Euro per night, including breakfast.
Family room: 1295 SEK/ 130 Euro per night, including breakfast. ( 2 adults, 2 children under 18)

If you wolud like to book full board option! Let us know. The price are 295 SEK/ 30  Euro per day!

If you would like to join your dancer at the hotel. Please make a reservation to info@athleticsummer.com.