Vitek Lukavec (Czech Republic)


Vitek is coming again!

Vitek has multiple titles in all of the IDO Disco categories; Small group, Formation, duo and solo! But what is really exciting is that he is this year’s and last year’s World Champion in the solo category. He had the gold standing three years back to back now. Congratulations Vitek!

Petra Ríhová (Czech Republic)


So, you all remember that we have the amazing Vitek teaching at our camp, so how about we bring his trainer as well! Petra is one of the main teachers/choreographers at Beethoven DC in Chomotov, Czech Rep. She has trained many World Champions and always take her students to the next level, this time she will do that for all of you! Thank you so much for coming Petra!

Angelina Olin (Sweden)- Founder of Athletic Summer

Floor Bar/Show Jazz

Apart from the rest of us, Angelina is not originally from the disco world. This is a real show girl, who has her past and heart in the musical theater scene! She has been in Grease, Cats, Hair and a lot more… Angie will show you how it feels to go full out in Show Jazz, so bring your ”spirit fingers” my friends!

Andy Bartsch (Germany)

Feminine Vibe

Andy Andy Andy! Alongside with Just Berger he’s mainly teaching and training their 3x world champion Formation group! He’s been teaching in Sweden twice before and we are so happy to have him here again! Bring your heels for this.

Hope Maimane (South Africa)


Cape Town choreographer, Hope has been working as a choreographer for the past 4 years. He dances in Modern, Jazz, Musical Theatre & Hip Hop. He has danced and given workshops in over 17 Countries in Europe, Africa, New Zealand and Asia. Hope has choreographed and danced in Music Videos, Musicals, Live Performances, Movies, TV commercials & recently he choreographed and danced for 2 iconic ContoPop artists while he was in Hong Kong. His choreography can be seen in many international competitions. He currently holds 6 Gold Medals and 4 Silver medals in international dance competitions. In 2016 his choreography won 1st Place in IDO Gala Event Best of the Best Competition in Graz, Austria. In 2017 his Choreography won 1st Place at the Dancestar Gala Competition in Croatia. He also got 1st & 2nd place at the 2017 Common Wealth International Gala Competition. In 2018 Hope will be going on a World Tour as a dancer in the Musical, Evita. He will be dancing in places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and more. Hope has a big passion for training dancers in becoming Versatile and always looks to push dancers to bring out their own personal best. He is very excited to be returning to Athletic Summer Dance Camp 2018.

Niklas Arleryd (Sweden)-Founder of Athletic Summer


Niklas started out as a disco dancer in the International dance organization (IDO). With multiple World, European, Nordic and Swedish -champion titles he decided to stop competing to enter the commercial dance industry. Since then he has been up to quit a lot.

  • -He successfully ran his own dance school in Stockholm for two years.
  • -He moved to New York for one year to study at Broadway Dance Center, where he also received the ”Outstanding-student”-award.
  • -He has worked with artists such as Carola, September, Nanne Grönvall, Sanna Nielsen, After Dark and many more.
  • -Together with the crew ”Mun Kees” he won the international dance competition ”Masters On Stage” in Switzerland.
  • -He has worked as a choreographer, dancer and singer in TV-productions such as ”Melodifestivalen”, ”Lotta på Liseberg”, ”QX-galan”, ”Carmen the opera” and many more.

In the meantime of working as a dancer and choreographer Niklas is also traveling the world as a teacher. He takes the teaching very seriously and believes that with good energy, dedication and ambition -it’s impossible to not reach your goals.

 Charlotta Helgesen (Sweden)


Choreographer and licensed adjudicator.

Charlotta is known for her successful dancers in #teamhelgesen and is currently training the ruling Swedish- Nordic and World-Champions in disco dance small group and disco freestyle.

Charlotta had a long career as a competitive dancer in Disco, Hiphop and Performing Arts with manny titels and trophies during her six years in the national team of Sweden.

She is now focusing on promoting the new generation of disco dancers. As the head coach at three big studios in Sweden she teaches around 200 competitive disco dancers every week.

#teamhelgesen have had some really successful years recently and won several titels at national and international championships.

Adrianna Patłaszyńska (Poland)


Although Adrianna has a fascinating history of disco career and ten IDO world champion-titles, she is now traveling the world to share her excellent knowledge and skill in Contemporary and Jazz!

Adrianna is in the founding family of the popular and successful dance festival/competition ”Mikolajki”.

She’s been working as a dancer in productions such as

”Carmen” and ”Rock Loves Chopin”

and has also worked in a lot of TV-productions.

In the Tv-show ”Got to Dance Poland” she danced all the way to the semi-final.

Adrianna has been teaching in Norway, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa and Poland.


Madeleine Enersen Hellerød (Norway)

Disco/Disco Freestyle/Acro

Medeleine started her dance career at the dance school ”Nancy Freestyle” which today is ”Danseklubben Studio 1”. She has been trained in a lot of different styles, such as freestyle, slow, disco, disco freestyle, show dance, jazz, modern and hip hop.

Madeleine has been competing for the national team of Norway for more than eight years and has achieved really impressive results:

  • – 9 times World Champion
  • – 5 times European Champion
  • – 40 times Norwegian Champion

Nowadays she’s teaching a lot all around the world and is focusing on helping

dancers both physically and mentally.


Just Berger ( Germany) 


Just is an excellent dancer and got 5th place on last years World Championship! But more important is that he is an extraordinary teacher! Just will remind you about the value of technique and how important it is for a dancer to have!

Also worth mention is that his team D.Q. DANCE-SQUAD have had the gold standing since 2014!? Yes Just! We are thrilled to have you!