All dancers will be insured through Folksam’s insurance ”insurance for certain activities”, which is signed only for the camp.There will be a nurse present throughout the whole duration of the camp.We also do have several drivers, who are ready to go at all times, in case of emergency.
All teachers and staff are staying at the hotel together with the students.
Each group will have it’s own group leader and a number to call if there are any sorts of situations or if something is problematic.
We are all staying at the camp area throughout the whole duration of the camp i.e no one is leaving the camp area.
Regarding the water park,
no student will ever be there without an adult or Athletic Summer staff present.
The hotel also has their own trained life guards to higher the security.

Rules and Guidelines 
Basic code of conduct. You respect each other and the teachers.
You are always being a good friend and do not leave anyone behind. Bullying is strictly forbidden! It will have consequences and be taken very seriously.
You do not film or video tape a dance class without the teacher’s permission.
Always remember to credit the teacher/choreographer if you’re going to post class videos on social media. Bedtime is going to be between 22:00 and 23:00, depending on when we finish the evening activity.