Hey there!
Welcome to Athletic Summer 2018 – the biggest disco dance camp in Scandinavia!
This camp is for intermediate and advanced dancers or for those who compete in Gold-Champion level.

Dates: August 6th – August 10th
The camp is organized and run by Niklas Arleryd and Angelina Olin in collaboration with Athletic Dance Ronneby.
With an amazing venue such as Ronneby Brunn Hotel, we are able to give the dancers an unforgettable experience!
Athletic Summer is an international dance camp with dancers and teachers attending from all around the world.
Apart from most dance camps, Athletic Summer is all inclusive , which means that the price includes following:
-Your hotel room (Monday-Friday)
-Breakfast, lunch and dinner -buffet every day.
Starting: Dinner Monday.
Until: Breakfast Friday
-Free access to the summer resort and water park every day.
-Free cafeteria ”Swedish Fika” 10am-7pm every day.
-All dance classes and activities.

Check in: Monday, August 6th, 2pmCheck out: Friday, August 10th, 11am

You register through the big ”BOOK” -button on our website, www.athleticsummer.com .
To secure your spot, please submit the transaction fee within ten days after you have registered. If we did not receive your payment within ten days after you registered, you will loose your spot.
Once you have registered you will receive an e-mail with all details regarding the payment together with a ”welcome letter”.

Request roommates
You will be sharing a room with a total of  four dancers (including yourself). If you would like to stay with your friend/friends, you can make a request during the registration process if you know he/she/they is/are attending the camp.
Requested roommates: Jennifer Andersson, Clair Smith, Daniella Lockwood.
OBS! We do not guarantee that you will stay with all your requested roommates. Although if you and your friend both requested each other you will most likely stay together.

Dance styles
Disco (main style)
English freestyle
Feminine vibe

For the latest updates follow:
Facebook: Athletic Summer
Instagram: athletic.summer